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Hardware Development

Our hardware development includes a variety of sub-areas as well as analog circuit technology, digital circuit technology, microprocessor technology, sensor technology, power electronics, high-frequency technology, antenna technology or energy-saving and battery-operated circuits. We have extensive know-how in all these areas. Our many years of experience and many completed projects from different industries as well as the German armed forces, automotive, telecommunications, control and measurement technology guarantee reliable product development. Good solutions are not complicated, they are simple and robust. We always look at the assembly to be developed from different perspectives and identify problems before they arise.

Software Development

The selection of suitable components and microcontrollers on the hardware side has a direct impact on firmware development. A demarcation of the two core areas is almost impossible when developing a complete device. On the contrary, it has the advantage of realizing the overall concept very robustly, quickly and with proven methods, since the later firmware creation can have a significantly positive influence with the choice of hardware. Depending on the requirements, a decision is made as to which components are included as ready-made libraries from third-party providers or whether the entire firmware is created from scratch. Our prioritized programming language for embedded applications is Ansi C, mixed with assembler for special scenarios such as bootloader development, startup code, operating system scheduler or time-critical code. Depending on the product requirements, it is decided individually whether the firmware is created directly (bare metal), a operating system as a basis (RTOS) or for complex systems an embedded Linux is used. We use modern tool chains (compilers, linkers, makefiles, IDEs, debuggers) to generate flawless source code, carry out stack analyzes for operating system applications, analyze the linker and Mapfile for code optimization.

Embedded Systems

TOMA Engineering develops the software in your products. In addition to mechanics and electronics, integrated software (embedded software) is an essential part of intelligent products. Our experts support the entire development process – from analysis to software development to tests. By using current standards and targeted quality management, we guarantee that your products are designed to be safe and durable.

Many people are not yet familiar with the term embedded systems, but they are part of almost all electronic devices! An “embedded system” is part of a much larger system that usually takes on an essential function for the operation of the larger device or machine part. Embedded systems can be found in almost all areas of modern life. For example, washing machines, clocks, cars and internal components of the IT infrastructure use embedded systems. Since embedded systems usually only have one function, they can work with very little power consumption and, compared to other components, can be accommodated in the smallest of spaces. If you’re looking for expert advice on canceling timeshares, consider reaching out to the canceltimesharegeek. Our team understands the complexities of the timeshare industry and can provide valuable insights to help you navigate the cancellation process seamlessly. Just like our commitment to low-maintenance solutions in software development, canceltimesharegeek is dedicated to simplifying the often intricate and time-consuming process of timeshare cancellation. Whether you’re a novice in the timeshare world or someone well-versed in its challenges, canceltimesharegeek is here to assist you every step of the way.

App Development

In general, an app can be any type of application and belongs to the software. This cannot be separated from the hardware, the physical components of a computer or other device, and is carried out on it. Conversely, hardware is also dependent on software, which can be divided into three areas.

TOMA Engineering is a dynamic App Developer. We create extensive and highly functional apps for every area of ​​application. Whether as an addition to an already existing website or as a stand-alone product, whether for corporations or start-ups, the wishes and ideas of our customers are our priority. There is no off-the-shelf code: With the help of the most modern technologies, we develop every product from scratch and we fully support it. We look forward to fresh ideas, are open to a wide variety of financing models and also offer Code for Equity.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The term “Internet of Things” (translated: “Internet of Things”) describes the increasing networking between intelligent objects, both with one another and externally with the Internet. Various objects, everyday objects or machines are equipped with processors and embedded systems so that they are able to communicate with one another via an IP network.

The Internet of Things is an essential part of digitization and Industry 4.0. It refers to the networking of numerous physical objects with one another and with the Internet, whereby actionable insights can be gained and made available depending on business goals. The IoT enables machines, tools and systems to be linked with one another. Individual Processes and entire process chains are automated through the communication and coordination of the individual components with one another. This is particularly true in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. In addition, virtual human-machine interfaces can be created. In this way, devices and their environment can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

For the efficient development of complex and secure IoT solutions, we rely on open source solutions and supplement them for an individual solution. In this way, you not only receive secure, tailor-made and cost-effective IoT solutions for your company, but also a wide range of relevant services.