How to Become a Construction Manager: Your Guide

Further, he was also able to speak up to challenge superiors to rethink the plan. Long months into project planning, a project manager came in with fresh eyes and claimed that a better plan could reduce disruption to the lawyers and save money in the process. Sure enough, a few days later, the PM produced a plan for saving 2,800 individual office moves throughout the project by restaging the project sequences. A construction firm was tasked with renovating an entire city block in Washington D.C.

  • Construction managers and project managers both play important roles in the execution of projects.
  • Besides, construction techniques, a fast-expanding sector, are more responsive to data-driven insight.
  • Various parties engaged in a build may have different objectives and approaches to the project.
  • They’ll need time management and communication skills in order to be able to manage the human side of the project.
  • You might also work in support services such as health and safety or building inspection with additional training for project managers in the construction field.
  • With the increase of construction projects around the United States, there is also an increased call for project managers to lead these projects.

Project managers are responsible for overseeing multiple construction projects, ensuring that the job is completed on time and within budget. When you are ready to make the jump, here are some things to know about how to become a construction project manager. While a construction manager is involved in project management, they sometimes report to a construction project manager. Construction project managers oversee the entirety of the project, including setting a project plan, managing design, and handling procurement, marketing, and more.


Leading on from the previous question, the role of a construction project manager covers three main points with each being linked in some way to the other two. The key difference that sets construction project management apart is that construction work itself has a clearly defined mission that must eventually be completed. With such a varied to do list, you need a broad understanding of the entire construction process for this role. “You are a hub that receives and distributes information,” said Westmoreland.

That means taking the blame when something goes wrong and passing the praise when something goes right. Working harmoniously with so many people means having the humility to understand that the general contractor depends on the hard work of the subcontractors doing the building in the field. Project managers who run a safe, clean site and respectfully interact with subcontractors will have a better rapport and motivate better work from their teams. It’s incredible to witness a baby construction site evolve from a ground-level pile of materials to a stunning high-rise, hospital, office building, or university.

Document control and records management for construction.

Note however that when choosing a software solution, it’s important to pick a package that works for your business and also interfaces with your existing software. Simply put, nobody wants to spend hours pushing their financial data across to their accounting package, so consider integrations carefully when searching for the right fit. The more developed your people skills become,the easier it is to get everyone on boardand working at their best. This makes scalability your key concern and whether or not your business can accommodate the size and scale of a project is vital to know before you accept any work and sign a contract.

” While some certifications may require experience, there are several that do not. These certifications provide an excellent starting point for those entering the field fresh. A construction project manager oversees the entire lifecycle of a project, from its conception to completion. They are involved in the planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervision of construction projects.

Step 1: Obtain relevant education, certifications, and licenses

This usually includes getting hands-on training from an experienced project manager. You’ll often start by processing paperwork, surveying locations, helping with day-to-day operations, and getting the real-world experience of a live construction site. Learning the foundation of construction is fundamental in the journey to growing into the role of a project manager. “If you’re looking for a relaxing profession, choose construction management.” – said no experienced construction project manager ever. If you work in industrial construction, then you probably don’t have to be told that you’re in the big leagues.

Superintendents report to project managers daily regarding what’s happening on the site so they can facilitate all upcoming tasks. You might gain this working experience at school or by working weekends and holidays for a construction firm or a relative who is a construction manager. Potential employers would always appreciate seeing job experience on your CV. Construction Project Managers must be first acquainted with the construction sector. They benefit from leadership and communication skills to better manage their teams, but they also deal with the job’s financial and business administration parts.

Embarking on a career in construction project management without a degree or previous experience might seem like stepping into a battlefield unarmed. The industry is often viewed as a complex labyrinth where only those armed with degrees and battle-hardened with experience can survive and thrive. It’s true that these elements provide a sturdy foundation of knowledge and credibility, making them powerful tools in this field. However, they are not the be-all and end-all for becoming a construction project manager. You have to wear a lot of hats as a project manager, and because of that employers are usually looking for candidates who meet a wide range of qualifications and have certain certifications.

  • After all, the fundamentals are the same, no matter whether you’re managing huge marketing teams or a construction project.
  • Job management software you can take with you into the field should never be undervalued.
  • Staying on budget requires a lot of insight and proactive problem-solving.
  • Construction projects usually involve a team of workers, which gives project managers the chance to lead and motivate others.
  • Further, he was also able to speak up to challenge superiors to rethink the plan.

In addition, construction project managers need to be able to deal with potential problems and conflicts that may arise during a project. Preparing for these certifications will involve rigorous study, and the exams will test your knowledge of key concepts and skills in construction project management. There are plenty of study resources available, including exam prep books, online courses, and even study groups on social media platforms. Dedicate a study schedule and stick to it, as consistency is key in absorbing and retaining this vast array of knowledge. There are a couple of different routes a person can take to achieve this desired career.

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